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5 Signs Your Home Renovation Needs a Professional General Contractor

Despite all the home renovation information available online, there are sometimes when trying to do-it-yourself ends up in disaster. A few missteps could end up costing more than hiring a professional to begin with or even be a danger to your safety.

While we always recommend working with a contractor on home renovations, there are a few factors that indicate you definitely need to hire a general contractor to work as a project manager on your renovation.

1) If Multiple Trades Are Needed

Contractors know how to schedule trades for the most cost-effective and efficient renovations. They’ll know the right order for each trade and can accurately estimate how long each trade will take. Contractors know what the going rates are and can make sure you’re not being taken advantage of by tradespeople.

A contractor will inspect the work of the tradespeople to make sure it is done correctly, on schedule and fully complete so your renovation is ready for the next step. It is difficult for the average home-owner to evaluate the work of each trade and make sure no corners have been cut.

A mistake by one trade can delay another trade or lead to a series of compounding errors which are expensive and time-consuming to fix.

2) If Permits Are Required

If your renovation includes structural changes or an addition, you’ll need a permit from your local municipality. If you’re not familiar with the process it can be confusing and lead to numerous delays. A contractor will be very familiar with the process and make sure everything is submitted correctly.

Depending on the city your renovation is in, permits can take anywhere from 2 – 16 weeks. Some cities like Abbotsford show you the number of pending applications and the wait times associated with different types of permits.

3) If it’s an Extensive or Large Renovation Project

A more extensive renovation will obviously take more time than a small project. Trying to do the work yourself during evenings and weekends can mean the project takes far longer than expected. Don’t overestimate how long you and your family can tolerate living in a renovation zone.

Not only does having a dedicated project manager overseeing the job move this along they know the most efficient ways to renovate and will be able to pull from their vast network of trusted trades.

4) If You’re Busy

Renovating your house can take up an enormous amount of time. If you’re on your own, you have to make hundreds of decisions on which companies to hire, what fixtures to use and the overall design. Each decision can take hours of research as you familiarize yourself with the options.

A contractor can save you time by bringing you limited choices within your budget and in your desired style. They can make decisions faster because of their experience with other trades and similar projects.

Depending on how you value your time, you may be better off at work making money than having to take time off to renovate yourself.

People hire personal trainers despite the abundance of workouts available on Pinterest, Youtube and fitness apps because they want advice customized to their situation and to maximize their time. Likewise a contractor will offer customized solutions to meet your needs in a timely manner.

5) If you’re Unsure of What’s Possible or What You Want

When you look at your small kitchen with limited counter space, it can be hard to know where to start your renovation. Depending on which walls are structural, expanding your kitchen could be easier than you think.

A contractor can give you ideas for renovation upgrades that fit within your budget and can arrange for drawings or consultations with an interior designer as you finalize your renovation plans.

Hiring a residential general contractor can be the most important decision in your renovation. If you’re interested in a free consultation, please contact us.

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