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The Clearspan Advantage

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The Clearspan Advantage

Clearspan Contracting was created to give home-owners access to knowledgeable, professional and creative renovation and home building experts. Having seen projects go over budget, off schedule or result in shoddy work, we knew that there was a better way to build homes and build lasting relationships with homeowners

As owners, we take a hands-on approach to every project to inspect all work and help eliminate surprise costs and delays.


8 Reasons to Work with Clearspan Contracting

1. Work Directly with the Owners

  • From the initial consultation to the project management, one of the company owners will be your primary contact. As owners, Spencer and Kevin have the authority to make decisions without needing to take it up the chain.
  • We are fully invested in ensuring our clients are satisfied as we know that happy clients are the key to a successful and long-term business.

2. One Stop Shop – From Design to Finish

  • By partnering with Clearspan, you’ll be able to design, plan and build your dream home. We will help with the permit process, design stage, all construction and trades and the finishing touches.
  • We are partnered with A&R Interiors to provide interior design services and work with architecture firms for blueprints.

3. Experienced and Hands-on Owners

  • Before starting Clearspan, Spencer and Kevin worked as project managers, carpenters and handymen. Kevin is a Red Seal certified carpenter and Clearspan is a licensed home builder.
  • This allows them to supervise and thoroughly inspect the work of other trades and they can step in if needed to keep the project moving.

4. Long-standing Relationships with Trades

  • We have a select group of trade sub-contractors that we trust to complete work to our high standards while also delivering quality service.
  • Because we work with these trade sub-contractors on a regular basis, they offer fair pricing and make room in their schedules to accommodate your project’s timelines.

5. Transparent & Easy to Follow Billing

  • We provide a complete breakdown of every hour and cost that goes into the project. If we come across budget deviations during the project, we’ll devise an action plan to get back on track by changing selections, design or scope.
  • Clearspan operates on a cost-plus model in which we charge a percentage of the project cost plus management fees. This allows for easy design changes and selections and avoids the need to have high mark-up rates to cover “what if” situations.

6. Access to Industry Discounts

  • We know where to find the best prices on cabinets, flooring, lighting and more and we often receive industry discounts that are passed onto our client. We do not partake in any personal kickback arrangements with any of our suppliers ensuring you’re getting unbiased recommendations.
  • We can also find (or build) custom items like an indoor golf scoreboard, curved doors, or anything a client comes across on pinterest.

7. Fully Insured

  • We ensure that all of our staff and trades are covered by WorksafeBC and carry liability insurance so any injuries, accidents or issues that may happen on your property are covered.

8. Lower Overhead

  • We operate a lean company with minimal staff and administrative support. This allows us to offer lower management fees than most home building companies.

Building Lasting Relationships

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